Thursday, December 27, 2007


A matchstick stroke

A puff disappearing

Dissolving slowly

in the air

Losing existence

taking something

along with

Long weak threads

Linking life

and beyond

A dot of fire

dazing and fazing

gorging on time

Bitterness inhaled

Life exhaled

Friday, December 21, 2007

Deja Vu

As I walk in the

shadows cast by

the sarcophagi of

my own happiness

It comes back to me

Same hurt same pain

same longing all again

When refrain was the word

I must be fool

Some people never learn

It holds so true

They say the first cut

is the deepest

Then why it hurts so much

this time too

Converse Reloaded

G: How you define something
which you want so badly
But will give your best
to avoid it from happening

C: There is no definition
no words
but love is something
that happens without premonition

G: Why would I want love
when it always hurts me
when its more of a shackle
than a key to be free

C: A key can set you free
or lock you in
love can be fun too
its your choice baby

G: A key can open a lock
but can't crack a wall
How can you mould it
when you can't control it

C: Uncontrolled craziness is cool
why do you want to bind it
go with the flow
and if you can't
it's ok, u aren't a fool

G: Its not about insanity
the problem is the war
and when both sides are your own
doesn't matter who's at par

C: Don't make war
make love baby
You may be on both sides
but its not about winning
Bow down to your heart
joy will hit you like a dart

G: What do you do
when the fight is between
two splits of your heart
Where can I find an answer
because love games are neither
explained by science nor art

C: I can't give an explanation
not everything has an answer
Science or art
can't explain matters of the heart
Don't get into this discussion
it won't help in any way
Let life unfold its mysteries to you
some may be good, some bad
But let me tell you my friend
love will find you in the end

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


A conversation between two friends:

U: Take a walk with the stars tonight

Do a tango with the spirits of the night

Let your heart reach out like a kite

Get drenched in the colors so bright

Fulfill every dream in this dreamy night

This poem for you my heart wished to write

When I thought of wishing you a sweet goodnight

I hope to you it seems alright (Period)

G: What sadness that seethes in me tonight

Even stars can't take it away

With their light so bright

Emotional stupidity is the cause of my plight

Thanks for the lovely words

Wishing you good night (Period)

U: Run away from the blinding light

Watch every sadness melt away

Into the embracing night

Emotions are badges

Wear them with pride

Wish i could make you feel better

Could a hug kill your plight (Period)

G: Running is not a solution my friend

Day is half of your life

If you waste half of it avoiding

The meaning of living is rife

Showing emotion is risky my friend

Cuts like a knife (Period)

U: Emotions like people are of different kind

They can heal and warm

Or smother you in binds

They are your feelings

They are you

Don't shun them aside

Feel them understand them

Only then you'll be fine (Period)

U: Another night another dream

Of flying cars or engines of steam

What do you want to be tonight

A soldier, a sailor or a ballerina

With dress of light (Period)

G: Dreams are what you want to be

What you want to do is

What you dare to see

Neither a soldier, nor a sailor

A wandering soul who’s born free (Period)

U: Oh wandering soul

Where do you go

Looking for what treasures

Running from what foe

Born free you were

Like a lark to fly

Then how did these chains

Come to bind you so (Period)

G: Souls are free from responsibilities of life

A successful son, a well settled daughter

A well earning dad, a loving wife

Roles to be played are reasons of strife (Period)

U: Roles to be played

Duties to fulfill

The vicious circle of life

The reason for all strife

But above them all

There’s a duty too

A duty you have to

No one but you

A duty to be free

A duty to dream

A duty to desire

A duty to be

In the walk of life

Amidst all your strife

Don’t forget yourself

Don’t sacrifice your vision

Live out your whims

Hopes fantasies (Period)

G: No matter how good it sounds

Dreams are bound with duties

It may sound funny

But in the end

It all boils down to money (Period)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I don't have a title for this

Two demons dwell in me

satisfaction and sanity

blabbering aloud

impiously irreverent

blasphemous profanity

Satisfaction leads to peace

sanity is road to

materialistic vanity

What will it take

to fill this abyss

but one thing I know

I won't leave my fate

in the hands of uncertainty

Friday, November 30, 2007

Fickle bodied ???

It sometimes amazes me how unwise I am. Or is it equally difficult for everyone ? You spend more than 17 initial years of your life preparing for something with single motive of earning money and then one day, it doesn't matter anymore. Suddenly a strange feeling of satisfying your creative self takes over and it doesn't matter how much you are earning thereafter. Even though you know that its money instead of this stupid feeling that will fetch you food when you are hungry in the end.

Your sanity speaks to stick to something that brings in more money but for how long will you be able to suppress that feeling within. You understand the power of money, the way it can bring you down on your knees, the way it can break your spine but its satisfaction that matters after all, isn't it. Whom should I listen to, the mind which speaks the language of money or the heart which yearns for satisfaction of self. Its time I devise a middle path or you tell me if you have dreaded along the same lines before.

The tussle inside,
its tearing me apart.
Maybe I don't know,
what to do
Maybe I try so hard.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


* Stands up for the opening speech* First of all, I would like to thank Umang, my tag guru, for having faith in my capabilities and honouring me with this tag and then I would like to thank you all for your support during my ups and downs. Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko sachhe dil se chacho to poori kayenaat usse aapse milwane mein lag jaati hai......wait a minute, which way is it going, bithao isse......taaliyaan !!

Five minutes of random thinking, what can I think ? Hmmm, let me think what should I think about during this time. Home, home's good. Gosh I miss my home ! Lets not act like a sad emotion laden moron. Friends, who all can I consider my friends. Wait a minute, it can get problematic if I start mentioning names here and forget some,log meri jaan kha jayenge. Leave it, lets think about my career, where is it heading, where will I stand after five years from now. Nah, this will be a wastage of time. Moreover who will be interested in reading this. Lets think about something interesting, hmmm, lets think about girls :D

This trip has been really good in this respect. Is it that I have been to Bangalore for very long or the average beauty quotient is on the up, just like Indian economy, India shining, eh !!

Jeez, I wasted five minutes deciding what should I think about. I can be a good manager or move to planning department :P
I tag nobody

So what is FMORT?
FMORT stands for Five Minutes of Random Thoughts. It is a byproduct of a wild whim that played in my mind during one of my day dreaming sessions. In an attempt to bring something productive out of it, I thought of giving it a shape. It is fun to read what people think, when they are asked to think for five minutes of allotted time.
Steps to follow:
Get an alarm/stop watch, piece of paper, pen.
Set the alarm to ring 5 minutes 10 secs later.
Take deep breath for 10 secs.
Now, set your mind free.
Scribble whatever comes to your mind on the paper for 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes, tweak the scribbles into meaningful sentences.
Post it to your blog.
The title should be, "My FMORT".
Dont expand FMORT in the title as the purpose is to popularize FMORT.
The first line should read, "I am tagged by XYZ", where XYZ should be the name of the blog who asked you to tag and link XYZ to the post.
Then ask a fellow blogger to do the same and link to your post.
Now sit back and relax.
You would be amazed at the speed with which FMORT spreads.
And you will be one link of the long chain on Internet.

Flirt Quotient

Now this is something unique, a scale to measure how good your flirting skills are, thanks to Soup and thanks to Umang for convincing me to post the result over here.
To find out your flirtatious style, log on to:
*Oye are they supposed to pay me for the advertisement I am doing on my blog*
Anyways, here's the result but I don't know how good or true it is, any girl interested in testing ?? Darn, I already started it:
MOCHALISCIOUS FLIRT Seductive. Naughty. You're like the Mocha Flavour of Bru Cappuccino. You exemplify the rich full-bodied chocolate flavour with the right amount of caffeine intoxication.Flirting to you is second nature. You're a predator in the game of flirting. You're straightforward in your approach and don't wait around for the occasion to arise. You create them! You take charge of situations using more actions than words. You are confident and it shows in the way you carry yourself as well as your mannerisms. You are definitely an eye-turner and have this energy that excites and draws the others closer!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Final Fall

I try my best to hide
the pain I've inside
will I be fine ???

Being alive is a mistake
my heart begins to ache
is it ok to cry ???

Worst dreams,biggest fears
begin to disappear
is it a sign ???

Will it feel very cold
my body sans soul
the day I'll die ???

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Diwali

Deep jalao deep jalao
aaj diwali re
khushi khushi sab haste aao
aaj diwali re

Naye naye mein kapde pehnu
khaun khoob mithai
haath jod kar pooja kar lun
aaj diwali aayi

Mein to lunga kheel khilone
tum bhi lena bhai
phuljhadiyaan ab khoob jalao
aaj diwali re

Aaj dukaane khoob saji hain
ghar bhi cham cham karte
jagmag jagmag deep jale hain
kitne ache lagte

Deep jalao deep jalao
aaj diwali re
nacho gao khushi manao
aaj diwali re

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ab dilli door nahi

I'm going home, to the place where I belong... thoda sa late ho gya post karne already here, yippeeeee :D

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Raat ka Maseeha

I started it as something else, something heroic but a sudden change of thought process and it ended up like this, very kiddish and a bit funny (hope so :P)
*Modified last stanza on public demand,hehe

A knight strolls out
on the withered night
beaming his armour
to wage a fight

The night is young
and breeze is dark
but nothing in world
can snuff the spark

that burns inside
to wage a fight

against the evil
face to face
to make the world
a better place

Some shadows move
across the town
The horse is whipped
to follow around

An empty stretch
beyond the street
Its time for them
to feel the heat

They corner him
exchange of words
We have a gun
now part with sword

Remove the armour
the mask from the head
Now go to your home
and sleep in your bed

Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Left Unsaid

With that hurt, that pain
you left me insane
love no longer matters
when you left unsaid

Gloomy are the days
lonely are the nights
world no longer matters
when you left unsaid

You left me to die
and I pine for you
matter no longer matters
when you left unsaid

Found some, wrote some

1. If an object is not in motion, it will remain there.

2. For every action, there is a painful loss of energy.

3. Energy and mass can't be destroyed but can be wasted.

4. Any body suspended in space will remain in space until made aware of its situation.

5. Any body in motion will tend to remain in motion until solid matter intervenes suddenly.

6. All principles of gravity are negated by fear.

7. As speed increases, objects can be in several places at once.

8. For every vengeance there is an equal and opposite revengeance.

Friday, October 19, 2007

BEP Revisited

Oct 16, Bangalore. Tuesday evening, a rugged ground on the swanky outskirts of Bangalore is getting swashed by hip youngsters, dressed at their best. The atmosphere is energetic and mood cheerful, to welcome a Hip hop group from LA California on their maiden voyage to India. Yes, a band is about to perform in a couple of minutes (Indian Stretchable Time, mind it) at this venue called Palace Grounds.

Ladies and Gentlemen, please welcome, The Black Eyed Peas...

For those who are unaware of this name, it’s a band which has infused elements of Pop, Rock, House and Electronic to usher hip hop into a new era and take it to the wider masses. The band consists of Will-i-am,, Taboo and Fergie and has already won 3 Grammies in 4 years of their existence as a professional venture.

The gates are thrown open at 6:30 pm, a good one hour late from the destined time and people start pouring in from all directions. The stage is set and the crowd is getting eager to get face to face with something they have been watching and following on television for this long. The author finds himself a location merely 5-6 feet away from the stage, thanks to his early bird antics. One hour more and the crowd is already on its toes, shouting, a bit of cursing and the stage suddenly shimmers under the blemishes of white light. The deep tone of bass boomed marked the arrival of BEP.

It all started with Hey Mama and moved on to Don't phunk with my heart, My Humps, Pump it, Don't lie and the very melodious Where is the love interlaced with the solo performances by Will-i-am (I got it from my mama, sizzling track and snuggest of random rap) and Fergie (London Bridge, Fergilicious and the very famous Big girls don't cry). went back to his Philippine roots with Bebot which was duly appreciated and thoroughly enjoyed by the crowd. Taboo and displayed their bboying prowess and revved up the tempo.

A brief stint by rain couldn't act as spoilsport as the ticket amount was too much to be wasted because of a drizzle, kidding. The deadly combination of great music, electrifying lighting and a hot-bod Fergie was enough to keep the crowd hold to their ground. One last announcement, BEP will continue to make music and produce albums irrespective of the solo careers of the band members.

Sneak peak time, courtesy advancements in technology of mobile phones:

The party continued till the wee hours but the meaning of wee hours is a bit different in Bangalore.

Monday, October 15, 2007

Talk like a localaa

Ten commandments:

1. Thou shall add "aa" after every word
eg. movieaa, waita

2. Thou shall make extensive use of "like anything"
eg. They'll drive like anything

3. Thou shall not discriminate between "t" and "th"
eg. Lalita==Lalitha

4. Thou shall use "come back again" instead of "repeat"
eg. Please come back again

5. Thou shall repeat words at your will
eg. what what what, yup yup yup

6. Thou shall acknowledge everything with "that's what"
eg. A: That place is not a good place to go
B: Yeah, that's what.

7. Thou shall end up every sentence with a da,pa,ma
eg. wussup da !

8. Thou shall use "ya" as if its a part of the word "what"
eg. what ya, what's happening ?

9. Thou shall use "na, no" profoundly
eg. I told you no, you love me no.

10.Thou shall consider all other languages inferior to yours
No comments, no examples.

Wednesday, October 10, 2007

Alone I bleed

Solitude has been my companion
Today I am afraid of being alone

I've been living this twisted life
Today I am afraid of being torn

Hurt was the way of living
Today I am afraid of this pain

I've been fighting this insanity
Today I am afraid of being sane

Monday, October 8, 2007

19 things nobody wants to know

Recently came across a phenomenon called "Tagging", thanks to Umang for tagging and explaining it too *grins*. You are supposed to answer a few questions in a honest way which reminded me of "Truth n Dare" days of college.
So, here it goes...

1.Pick out a scar you have, and explain how you got it
I've got loads of them but my favorite one is one just above my upper lip, makes me "The Scarface" :D

It was my birthday and I was going to a temple on a rickshaw when I met with an accident and got this one as my birthday gift (Another reason for making it to favorites list) with few others.

2.What does your phone look like?

I've got a couple of them,a 6630 and a 6585, both by Nokia and both of them look like normal mobiles with a screen and a keypad. But it will change soon with an iphone (Merits of being single and earning ;-)), any operator listening, I am willing to buy one ??

3.What is on the walls of your bedroom?
A pale yellow paint with a few cobwebs, spiders and lizards thrown here and there. Who knows someday I'll wake up a spiderman.

4. What is your current desktop picture?

Requires any description ??

5. Do you believe in gay marriage?

I won't mind attending one but I am not interested, thank you, hehe, kidding. On a serious note, everyone has right to select his/her partner.

6. What do you want more than anything right now?
Money, loads of it. I want to buy my parents and myself, lots of stuff. So, the more, the better.

7. What time were you born?
Frankly speaking, I don't remember the time but it was Sunday for sure which explains my laziness *yawns*
8. Are your parents still together?

9. Last person who made you cry?
No one. I don't cry :

10. What is your favourite perfume/cologne ?
Ulric De Varens

11. What kind of hair/eye color do you like in the opposite sex?
Brunette but that's not a preference at all. It doesn't matter what colour it is as long as it suits you.

12. What are you listening to?
Bumping my music-Ray Cash

13. Do you get scared of the dark?
Nope, not any more. There were times when this was true but I was 6-7 years old then.

14. Do you like pain killers?
No, I hate medicine and avoid them to the extent possible.

15. Are you too shy to ask someone out?
I shouldn't be mentioning this over here but the honest answer to that question is yes.

16. If you could eat anything right now, what would it be?
Darn, I wish this question was asked a couple of mins back and I could have thought of numerous things. But thinking of eating something, just after having a heavy lunch is a bit difficult.Hmmm, one large icecream scoop please, slurrppp.

17. Who was the last person who made you mad?
Me myself, I can act very stupid sometimes.

18. Who was the last person who made you smile?
A friend who called to discuss a comment to an essay ;-)

19. Is someone in love with you?
I loved Umang's answer to this and same applies to me too. So, keeping the spirit of a true modern Indian alive, I'll copy that "no one I am aware of is in love with me..though loads of people I know love me..and they are the ones who matter the world to me :)"

Phew, that made me think. My brain needs some rest now. So, adios amigos.

Oh yes, almost forgot, Tag Time.. Crazy Crazy and Deedee

Saturday, October 6, 2007


Something is thrusting my heart
maybe your thoughts and face
I still hear the tingling laughter
Your auster beauty
and moulded shape
You have entered through
the rusted door
And occupied
the quarter with force
My will flies away
to stop you
You have grown as a part
of my life
and me
Tomorrow I will see
and tell you something-
You are a clever thief

Friday, October 5, 2007

Paradigm shift

Yes, I know and agree that the new theme doesn't match or suit the contents but does this signify something ? Yes, it does, in the sense that I have been observing some changes in me lately. The usual sadness is giving way to happiness, without any specific reasons. Maybe I've got tired of it but will it persist too and if yes, for how long ? Will I transform back to usual self, who knows. Because nothing remains constant but change itself.

But till then, let the good times roll...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Red hot chili peppers

Chilly chilly burning so bright
red and green giving me a fright
I wonder why you are steaming so hot
seething with what thoughts I know not..

Courtesy-Umang (umangexuberance)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eat me, drink me and be merry

Doesn't matter what you say

or what you do

try being parasitic

I won't let you

I don't ask for anything

don't expect to give

I only yearn for things

I need to live

I know that you use me

its not so hard to see

but so do I use you

Its symbiotic baby

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sex amidst ringtones

I had something romantic and sensuous in my mind but somehow ended up with this which seems an "Eastern Economy Edition" of it, well, an alternate way to pronounce cheaper version. Why should I call my own write as cheap *grins*

There she was standing
in the shadows dark
the sculptured body silhouetted
against the backdrop of
lust simmering into steam
warm breaths creating a music
with the raised heartbeats
the eyes met eyes and
mirrored the feelings
wrapped in my arms
those eyes succumbed
and I to her gentle embrace
lips were locked and
escorts removed
two bodies melting into one
soul into soul,skin into skin.....

......and yes,from dusk till dawn
the phones kept ringing

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Because I love my Job

A jarred closet beneath
a sheath of cobwebs
lying, dying
eroding, degrading
upon a cranky stool
sits a man waiting
a blank gaze
neural molestation
a raped soul
tortured, slain
a look of disdain
inadvertent trite
poison instilled of
pompous stride
He waits and waits ....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I don't know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. But on a second thought, can trying not to please anyone lead to failure again ?

In Indian scenario where performance is considered secondary to 'Balls Licking', does this statement still holds true and if its not universally applicable, should it be considered a statement at all. After all, facts are facts only if they are facts everywhere.

Now, is that also true ? A fact can be a fact somewhere but may not be correct under different set of circumstances or conditions prevailing. So what is the definition of a fact. Should we divide them into "Universally Applicable Sayings" and "Locally Applicable Sayings".

Now how to define a scope or boundary to demarcate a local from a universal. Should a single violation of applicability reduce a fact or saying to a locally applicable one ? Moreover what should be the judgement criterion for checking its applicability. Who is going to define them ???

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wasted Feelings

Its all coming back to me
The way it was before
This pain is so intense
You can't feel it anymore

It becomes your second nature
It becomes a part of life
They no longer seem to exist
meaning of suffering and strife

You know that they use you
You suffer each night and day
For shoulder you always needed
The price you agreed to pay

It tears you from the inside
It cuts you down and deep
Buried under heaps of sorrow
You're denied of peaceful sleep

Life's full of wasted old feelings
put into prose and verse
But when the doomsday comes
atleast get me a new hearse

Monday, September 3, 2007

The weekend tale

Its time for something off the league. Last weekend was an XL one, courtesy me working on Saturdays for last couple of weeks. It started on Wednesday, yes, I know, yippee. But its not as rosy'n fun as it sounds as all the friends had to attend their corresponding offices. So sleeping, eating and watching TV, all the way to Friday night, yeah, lame but couldn't think of anything else.

Comes Friday night and off to a drive on the bike, first to a friend's house but "Sir" is busy and so is everybody else. What next ? Drive alone ?? OK....a quick dash to the MG Road and Man ! Loved the weather !! But while returning, the bike stops in the middle of the road, lots of kicks but it won't budge, checked the fuel, everything seems good, still. Good weather, empty roads, everything fades away with the sweat sweated away in the attempt to start it. Anyways, after some wasted time and frustration, it starts somehow. Meanwhile something else happened as well which will be continuing till next day but I won't be mentioning it here. It was a story in itself so might make it a separate post.

So, after all the hassles,back to house and off to bed, Friday night is over. Saturday morning started a bit earlier than expected, thanks to the linked incident which started last night and ended in the evening. Anyways, everything was planned for Saturday, thankfully. First to shopping and then to a movie at night "The Invasion" starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. The star cast sounds impressive but trust me, movie isn't. Sounds like a weekend gone bad, not really. A friend suggests a restaurant named "Paparazzi", funky eh ?

Starts part post interval, call it, let the good times roll....the place is uber cool, a lounge on 10th floor with great view of the whole city at night. There is a sense of high-society feel to it. Great ambiance, great music with good food to boot and I'm already loving it. Tried some dishes with names never heard before, can't pronounce them even now but all in all, they were good. The dinner is done with some great chat over the food and time to head back to home.

Sunday is all about getting up late, lazying around, ordering food, some home chores, Oh yes ! bachelors baby ! some TV and whole Sunday is gone. Now what, preparing self for Monday Morning Blues which would stretch till next Friday comes. Good Night then....

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Alright, here is the latest write. I know, its kind of kiddish...hmmm....well, to be honest, it sucks but that won't stop me from posting it here because if something of yours isn't good, you don't leave it just because it isn't good, it doesn't work that way for me, am not "Mother Nature" afterall :P
Moreover, its one of my fastest writes lately.

These eyes
they want to cry
but they can't
I'm a boy afterall

This throat
it wants to scream
but it can't
I'm sane afterall

This heart
it wants to share
but it can't
I'm alone afterall

This mind
it wants to have peace
but it can't
I'm not numb afterall

These wrists
they want a cut
but I can't
I'm not weak afterall

These ears
they want to listen
but they can't
There's no one to talk afterall

Friday, August 24, 2007

Fickle Brain

Sitting alone here in this room
thinking what is wrong with me
When everyone is enjoying the bloom
I am longing to be free

The shackles that hold me here
those shackles are self made
I've chained my mind, my heart
Soul lying on the edge of blade

My existance no longer exists
I'm a living dead piece of meat
I sense no chill in the wind
My body can't feel the heat

I try so hard to hide it
is that what makes it show
They get to meet a happy me
My heart pumps pain with blood flow

But why this self imposed exile
Why when I don't want it
Why this tormenting of myself
This question is endless pit

Tuesday, August 7, 2007

Present Lost

Have tried something new this time. Though the topic remains same, as always, have changed structuring a bit, see if you can make out.

This heartache this pain
This pain is insane
Insane are all thoughts
Thoughts thought in vain

It ain't easy being lonely
Lonely in the crowd
Crowded with chocking feelings
Feelings once made you proud

The emotions are imprudent
Imprudent to the core
Core of this all is look
The look that you wore

Life is made of bondings
These bondings are sore
Sore is the meaning of life
This life is a whore

Saturday, July 28, 2007

New kid on the Blog

Wednesday, July 25, 2007


I have been observing a consistent decline in my IQ lately which is quite disturbing. I wonder if it can have a negative value. Bear with it till you can. One more TAJ MAHAL of poor poetry:

Oh yeah,I am me !
Why should I pretend,
what I can't be !!

Is it ineluctable,
to act normal !
I hate you all,
why being formal !!

Living in this world,
devoid of life !
Goring someone with,
blunt edge of knife !!

Full of filth from,
sepulcher nearby !
Gazing at death's
charms by the sly !!

Cold and freezing,
rime of grime !
waiting for something,
shrill and sublime !!

Sunday, July 15, 2007

Global Warming..

A picture is worth a thousand words !!

Thursday, July 12, 2007

You are invited

Have tried something new this time, though not really liked what came out, still !!

Can you teach me
to define someone in words
Its hard to paint
random thoughts in herds

Is it possible to bind
that austere beauty
those lips so red
luscious locks on duty

Big sparkling eyes
they tease and they chaffer
diamonds are girls' best friend
are these what they refer

Can you teach me
to define someone in words
Its hard to paint
random thoughts in herds

What to compare with
that face so white
A thousand of watts
that smile so bright

But how to console
a heart deprived;
the invitation to
her wedding arrived...

Thursday, July 5, 2007


Beauty fades, dumb is forever ......

Saturday, June 2, 2007


Have you ever felt
being a nobody

Have you ever dealt
the words they say
the melting of mind
the moral fray

When nobody likes
being with you
When everybody avoids
being seen wih you

Have you ever felt
being a nobody

Have you ever seen
the hate in their eyes
When nobody understands
your pain, your plight

When nobody wants
to talk to you
When nobody is there
to walk with you

Have you ever felt
being a nobody

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I lie here

No heavy words, yet ...

Betrayed and lone
I lie here
shattered and torn
I lie here

Voices inside
I hear nothing
shadows beside
I see nothing

Agony and pain
I lie here
despaired and slain
I lie here

Twitches inside
I feel nothing
choking and dying
I breath nothing

Cold and waiting
I lie here
This is the day
I die here


This is not mine but this definately belongs to me, painful yet adorable....

Sheets of empty canvas
Untouched sheets of clay
Were laid spread out before me
As her body once did
All five horizons
Revolved around her soul
As the earth to the sun
Now the air I tasted and breathed
Has taken a turn
and all I taught her was everything
I know she gave me all that she wore
And now my bitter hands
Chafe beneath the clouds
Of what was everything
the pictures have
All been washed in black
Tattooed everything
I take a walk outside
I'm surrounded by
Some kids at play
I can feel their laughter
So why do I sear Oh,
and twisted thoughts that spin
Round my head I'm spinning
Oh, I'm spinning
How quick the sun can,
drop away...
And now my bitter hands
Cradle broken glass
Of what was everything
All the pictures had
All been washed in black
Tattooed everything
All the love gone bad
Turned my world to black
Tattooed all I see
All that I am
All I'll be...
I know someday
you'll have a beautiful life
I know you'll be a sun
In somebody else's sky
But why Why Why can't it be
Why can't it be mine

Saturday, May 26, 2007


Screaming like a siren
as iron rubs iron
you wait for it to happen
but don't want it to
this gets onto ur brain
as a driver sans train
stakes and tensions high
who cares u live or die
they'll expect you to work
but will treat u like jerk
You hate that gaze
rat in crystal maze
you ask how long you suffer
but there is only one answer
You'll get used to dying
You'll get used to...

Saturday, May 5, 2007

The only sane response to the insane world is to lose your mind

Saturday, April 14, 2007

मेरा भारत महान

अब हिंदी शुरू हो गयी मामू

Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Tensions add to tensions

Anguish springs from anguish

Sorrow rests on sorrow

Cravings feed on all

Terrors rise in terrors

Regrets float on regrets

Fear gathers fear

Envy curses all

Confusion sows confusion

Ignorance enthrones ignorance

Weakness causes weakness

Pride shatters all

  • Going gray is like ejaculating: you know it can happen prematurely, but when it does it comes as a total shock

  • One life is all we have and we live it as we believe in living it. But to sacrifice what you are and to live without belief, that is a fate more terrible than dying.

Friday, March 23, 2007


The state of transition
from one hell to another
You are not alive
but you ain't dead either

Your breathing is done
but lungs longing for more
memories fading from mind
a feeling of calm
a state of numb

Your body feeling lighter
with the weight of earth
on your chest

Everything moving in circles
clouding your mind
your heartbeat is violent
your senses are silent
your body minus soul
it leaves you very cold

You losing your sane
You can't feel pain
'cuz life is a whore
You gotta be its pimp

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Happy Birthday to me.......

So, My Blog My Wish !!

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I owe all

Kind Attn:
The following post is in accordance with the promise I made in the previous post titled "Just Gibberish" dated Feb. 25, 2007 regarding posting something defying the themes of posts posted so far. HAHAHAHAHA........

Now this I call real Gibberish !! The thing following this is not exactly what I promised but I hope you'll like it and even if you don't, who cares, hehehe.......

I loved you, loved at first sight
have lean cheeks,
thirst on sunken eyes
An unquestionable spirit,
a beard neglected
I owe all, yet you say
I love you not
My better parts are thrown down
that which here
stands up is but aquintain
without your love
this is lifeless block
I owe all, yet you say
I love you not
My bosom burns with fruitless passions
I reflect a dropped acorn,
wounded Knight. My genuine
love blooms every hour
And I to live and die your slave
I owe all, yet you say
I love you not ......

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just Gibberish !!!

God !! Last few days have been really busy...have started something but have not been able to complete, lack of time. Yesterday I went to LANDMARK, a book shop and saw a book "I love my job" and I was wondering what kind of idiot person can like his/her job, my job SUCKSSSS ....
Now, again I have to reach office by 8 in the morning,can you believe that ! Getting up this early and going to office, I dunno why my manager is doin these kind of things....
Nevermind, have to go, Paapi pet ka sawaal hai (now if you don't understand Hindi, which happens to be my mothertongue, that line meant, have to do to earn my bread)....
And yeah !! A few people said that I should post something romantic over here so Guys ! I am working on it and will definately post something over here soon, till then Tally hoOOOOO (Got to wake up early)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Soul Surfer

I guess I've been thinking a lot these days. This is not something dark in real terms but treads along the greyer lines. Its about liking of living on your own terms, about searching for a better life ....

Why can't I live my way
Why do I have to pay
for things I tend not to do
Facts they force may not hold true

They'll tell you to live strong
They'll tell you to live long
Why do you fear mortality
How do you define morality

Who are they to define wrongs and rights
How will they justify all wars, all fights

Where is the place, there is no sound
Where is that place, no one is around
This is the place I want to see
This is the place I need to be
Why is it wrong to live sinfully !!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Worthy of Hell

Guess who's back
Back again

Shady's back !!!
Oops,I think I just made a copyright violation....By the way,Shady is GOD, this guy rocks but this blog is not about him, this is my place so better leave him out of this place and do what I do.

So, its not shady who is back here, it is me.....

This thing involves a bit of questioning that evolves in my mind. God ! I miss my mind :-(

I guess there ia a plan for all of us,
who's to plan the plan of the plans.
The poison ivy covering the walls from inside,
who's to decide the last exit.

The sons' of satan are on the prowl,
and I've been fighting the eagles alone,
the body pieces flying apart,
who's to decide I'm dead or alive.

To find the spear of destiny,
I've to die twice,
but who's to decide who is,
even worthy of hell.

Hmmm, rhyming is missing but is that necessary, I don't think so !!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Here I go again, god help me and all the readers , AMEN !!!

Darkness all around,
no sight no sound !
A blanket of mist,
from the nature's list !!

Lichens crawling up the trees !
Sucking up their sap for free !!
Slime slinging off the walls !
That's where slithering creatures,
Begin to crawl !!

Steam gushing out from land !
It smells distinct,
a burning human hand !!

I slipped onto something,
but avoided the clash !
You need to be careful,
in the puddle of flesh !!

Its all wet, wet in red !
'Cuz the rain is dripping,
and its raining DEAD !!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

....and they say LIFE is Beautiful

Here comes my first logical entry. I wrote this thing 2 night back, dunno what was running through my mind, never mind, here it goes.....

The blood dripping out of my brain
Its so numb, you feel no pain

Why do you expect something from me
Why it matters what I happen to be
Why can't you let me live free
Or atleast die peacefully

My self gets tossed in numerous flips
Bearing the pain of relationships

They say I need a soul refinement
I'll find my peace in solitary confinement

You can find people fighting for life
but how many have you seen
fighting the life

I am a warrior, drowning in blood
clinging to the immortal shell
the shell called death

Friday, February 9, 2007


First things first,

I am not an avid blogger, this is just a scribbling place for me so if you don't like anything over here, don't crib, just leave, its as easy as that.

You want to keep me down !

You got to work very hard !!

You dont like my sound !

You need a get well card !!

You think I'm blunt !

You want some human hunt !!

You wish you send me hate message flood !

Then why dont you come over and relish my BLOOD !!

You don't like my attitude !! Again, leave, I won't mind. But if you like what I am doing over here, I'll be glad to know.

All sorts of comments are welcome (try to avoid obsceneties).

So, that's it ......