Friday, February 9, 2007


First things first,

I am not an avid blogger, this is just a scribbling place for me so if you don't like anything over here, don't crib, just leave, its as easy as that.

You want to keep me down !

You got to work very hard !!

You dont like my sound !

You need a get well card !!

You think I'm blunt !

You want some human hunt !!

You wish you send me hate message flood !

Then why dont you come over and relish my BLOOD !!

You don't like my attitude !! Again, leave, I won't mind. But if you like what I am doing over here, I'll be glad to know.

All sorts of comments are welcome (try to avoid obsceneties).

So, that's it ......



Anonymous said...

Cheers to the first comment....
...u know who i m ...

Gypsy said...

thats some invite! lol!

Gonecase aka. Shutter Singh said...

Yeah, more leave than welcome, lol :P