Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Red hot chili peppers

Chilly chilly burning so bright
red and green giving me a fright
I wonder why you are steaming so hot
seething with what thoughts I know not..

Courtesy-Umang (umangexuberance)

Saturday, September 22, 2007

Eat me, drink me and be merry

Doesn't matter what you say

or what you do

try being parasitic

I won't let you

I don't ask for anything

don't expect to give

I only yearn for things

I need to live

I know that you use me

its not so hard to see

but so do I use you

Its symbiotic baby

Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sex amidst ringtones

I had something romantic and sensuous in my mind but somehow ended up with this which seems an "Eastern Economy Edition" of it, well, an alternate way to pronounce cheaper version. Why should I call my own write as cheap *grins*

There she was standing
in the shadows dark
the sculptured body silhouetted
against the backdrop of
lust simmering into steam
warm breaths creating a music
with the raised heartbeats
the eyes met eyes and
mirrored the feelings
wrapped in my arms
those eyes succumbed
and I to her gentle embrace
lips were locked and
escorts removed
two bodies melting into one
soul into soul,skin into skin.....

......and yes,from dusk till dawn
the phones kept ringing

Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Because I love my Job

A jarred closet beneath
a sheath of cobwebs
lying, dying
eroding, degrading
upon a cranky stool
sits a man waiting
a blank gaze
neural molestation
a raped soul
tortured, slain
a look of disdain
inadvertent trite
poison instilled of
pompous stride
He waits and waits ....

Tuesday, September 11, 2007


I don't know the key to success but the key to failure is trying to please everybody. But on a second thought, can trying not to please anyone lead to failure again ?

In Indian scenario where performance is considered secondary to 'Balls Licking', does this statement still holds true and if its not universally applicable, should it be considered a statement at all. After all, facts are facts only if they are facts everywhere.

Now, is that also true ? A fact can be a fact somewhere but may not be correct under different set of circumstances or conditions prevailing. So what is the definition of a fact. Should we divide them into "Universally Applicable Sayings" and "Locally Applicable Sayings".

Now how to define a scope or boundary to demarcate a local from a universal. Should a single violation of applicability reduce a fact or saying to a locally applicable one ? Moreover what should be the judgement criterion for checking its applicability. Who is going to define them ???

Thursday, September 6, 2007

Wasted Feelings

Its all coming back to me
The way it was before
This pain is so intense
You can't feel it anymore

It becomes your second nature
It becomes a part of life
They no longer seem to exist
meaning of suffering and strife

You know that they use you
You suffer each night and day
For shoulder you always needed
The price you agreed to pay

It tears you from the inside
It cuts you down and deep
Buried under heaps of sorrow
You're denied of peaceful sleep

Life's full of wasted old feelings
put into prose and verse
But when the doomsday comes
atleast get me a new hearse

Monday, September 3, 2007

The weekend tale

Its time for something off the league. Last weekend was an XL one, courtesy me working on Saturdays for last couple of weeks. It started on Wednesday, yes, I know, yippee. But its not as rosy'n fun as it sounds as all the friends had to attend their corresponding offices. So sleeping, eating and watching TV, all the way to Friday night, yeah, lame but couldn't think of anything else.

Comes Friday night and off to a drive on the bike, first to a friend's house but "Sir" is busy and so is everybody else. What next ? Drive alone ?? OK....a quick dash to the MG Road and Man ! Loved the weather !! But while returning, the bike stops in the middle of the road, lots of kicks but it won't budge, checked the fuel, everything seems good, still. Good weather, empty roads, everything fades away with the sweat sweated away in the attempt to start it. Anyways, after some wasted time and frustration, it starts somehow. Meanwhile something else happened as well which will be continuing till next day but I won't be mentioning it here. It was a story in itself so might make it a separate post.

So, after all the hassles,back to house and off to bed, Friday night is over. Saturday morning started a bit earlier than expected, thanks to the linked incident which started last night and ended in the evening. Anyways, everything was planned for Saturday, thankfully. First to shopping and then to a movie at night "The Invasion" starring Daniel Craig and Nicole Kidman. The star cast sounds impressive but trust me, movie isn't. Sounds like a weekend gone bad, not really. A friend suggests a restaurant named "Paparazzi", funky eh ?

Starts part post interval, call it, let the good times roll....the place is uber cool, a lounge on 10th floor with great view of the whole city at night. There is a sense of high-society feel to it. Great ambiance, great music with good food to boot and I'm already loving it. Tried some dishes with names never heard before, can't pronounce them even now but all in all, they were good. The dinner is done with some great chat over the food and time to head back to home.

Sunday is all about getting up late, lazying around, ordering food, some home chores, Oh yes ! bachelors baby ! some TV and whole Sunday is gone. Now what, preparing self for Monday Morning Blues which would stretch till next Friday comes. Good Night then....

Sunday, September 2, 2007


Alright, here is the latest write. I know, its kind of kiddish...hmmm....well, to be honest, it sucks but that won't stop me from posting it here because if something of yours isn't good, you don't leave it just because it isn't good, it doesn't work that way for me, am not "Mother Nature" afterall :P
Moreover, its one of my fastest writes lately.

These eyes
they want to cry
but they can't
I'm a boy afterall

This throat
it wants to scream
but it can't
I'm sane afterall

This heart
it wants to share
but it can't
I'm alone afterall

This mind
it wants to have peace
but it can't
I'm not numb afterall

These wrists
they want a cut
but I can't
I'm not weak afterall

These ears
they want to listen
but they can't
There's no one to talk afterall