Friday, November 30, 2007

Fickle bodied ???

It sometimes amazes me how unwise I am. Or is it equally difficult for everyone ? You spend more than 17 initial years of your life preparing for something with single motive of earning money and then one day, it doesn't matter anymore. Suddenly a strange feeling of satisfying your creative self takes over and it doesn't matter how much you are earning thereafter. Even though you know that its money instead of this stupid feeling that will fetch you food when you are hungry in the end.

Your sanity speaks to stick to something that brings in more money but for how long will you be able to suppress that feeling within. You understand the power of money, the way it can bring you down on your knees, the way it can break your spine but its satisfaction that matters after all, isn't it. Whom should I listen to, the mind which speaks the language of money or the heart which yearns for satisfaction of self. Its time I devise a middle path or you tell me if you have dreaded along the same lines before.

The tussle inside,
its tearing me apart.
Maybe I don't know,
what to do
Maybe I try so hard.

Wednesday, November 21, 2007


* Stands up for the opening speech* First of all, I would like to thank Umang, my tag guru, for having faith in my capabilities and honouring me with this tag and then I would like to thank you all for your support during my ups and downs. Kehte hain agar kisi cheez ko sachhe dil se chacho to poori kayenaat usse aapse milwane mein lag jaati hai......wait a minute, which way is it going, bithao isse......taaliyaan !!

Five minutes of random thinking, what can I think ? Hmmm, let me think what should I think about during this time. Home, home's good. Gosh I miss my home ! Lets not act like a sad emotion laden moron. Friends, who all can I consider my friends. Wait a minute, it can get problematic if I start mentioning names here and forget some,log meri jaan kha jayenge. Leave it, lets think about my career, where is it heading, where will I stand after five years from now. Nah, this will be a wastage of time. Moreover who will be interested in reading this. Lets think about something interesting, hmmm, lets think about girls :D

This trip has been really good in this respect. Is it that I have been to Bangalore for very long or the average beauty quotient is on the up, just like Indian economy, India shining, eh !!

Jeez, I wasted five minutes deciding what should I think about. I can be a good manager or move to planning department :P
I tag nobody

So what is FMORT?
FMORT stands for Five Minutes of Random Thoughts. It is a byproduct of a wild whim that played in my mind during one of my day dreaming sessions. In an attempt to bring something productive out of it, I thought of giving it a shape. It is fun to read what people think, when they are asked to think for five minutes of allotted time.
Steps to follow:
Get an alarm/stop watch, piece of paper, pen.
Set the alarm to ring 5 minutes 10 secs later.
Take deep breath for 10 secs.
Now, set your mind free.
Scribble whatever comes to your mind on the paper for 5 minutes.
After 5 minutes, tweak the scribbles into meaningful sentences.
Post it to your blog.
The title should be, "My FMORT".
Dont expand FMORT in the title as the purpose is to popularize FMORT.
The first line should read, "I am tagged by XYZ", where XYZ should be the name of the blog who asked you to tag and link XYZ to the post.
Then ask a fellow blogger to do the same and link to your post.
Now sit back and relax.
You would be amazed at the speed with which FMORT spreads.
And you will be one link of the long chain on Internet.

Flirt Quotient

Now this is something unique, a scale to measure how good your flirting skills are, thanks to Soup and thanks to Umang for convincing me to post the result over here.
To find out your flirtatious style, log on to:
*Oye are they supposed to pay me for the advertisement I am doing on my blog*
Anyways, here's the result but I don't know how good or true it is, any girl interested in testing ?? Darn, I already started it:
MOCHALISCIOUS FLIRT Seductive. Naughty. You're like the Mocha Flavour of Bru Cappuccino. You exemplify the rich full-bodied chocolate flavour with the right amount of caffeine intoxication.Flirting to you is second nature. You're a predator in the game of flirting. You're straightforward in your approach and don't wait around for the occasion to arise. You create them! You take charge of situations using more actions than words. You are confident and it shows in the way you carry yourself as well as your mannerisms. You are definitely an eye-turner and have this energy that excites and draws the others closer!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Final Fall

I try my best to hide
the pain I've inside
will I be fine ???

Being alive is a mistake
my heart begins to ache
is it ok to cry ???

Worst dreams,biggest fears
begin to disappear
is it a sign ???

Will it feel very cold
my body sans soul
the day I'll die ???

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Happy Diwali

Deep jalao deep jalao
aaj diwali re
khushi khushi sab haste aao
aaj diwali re

Naye naye mein kapde pehnu
khaun khoob mithai
haath jod kar pooja kar lun
aaj diwali aayi

Mein to lunga kheel khilone
tum bhi lena bhai
phuljhadiyaan ab khoob jalao
aaj diwali re

Aaj dukaane khoob saji hain
ghar bhi cham cham karte
jagmag jagmag deep jale hain
kitne ache lagte

Deep jalao deep jalao
aaj diwali re
nacho gao khushi manao
aaj diwali re

Wishing you a very happy and prosperous Diwali

Monday, November 5, 2007

Ab dilli door nahi

I'm going home, to the place where I belong... thoda sa late ho gya post karne already here, yippeeeee :D