Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Day First Show

While going through my old documents, found this stupid-ass poem I wrote on the first day of my college:

First day in the college
frightened was I
How to face seniors
What about teachers' sai
Don't know about technical wish
but will learn after a few tries
Everyone wants to chop my hair
everyone wants to share "Malai" -- Milk fat
How to shield against ragging
need wings to fly
Not to stare at girls
not to say HI
They queried about eatables
have to tell a lie
Saw a number of couples
that go singing by
Below there feet is "Maal Road" -- Road to Girls' hostel
above their heads is pretty sky
There are a lot of idiots
to whom I have to say "Bhai" -- Brother
Although I can write much more
But I have to go to "Nai" --Barber

Here is the unedited version of the poem or whatever you want to call it. Although I wanted to change it to make it look a bit maturer and correct but then the idiot factor would've been lost. This one reminded me of earlier poems by CHEESY CHAMELI (kyon bey, hai na teri takkar ki !! :P)

Friday, February 15, 2008

Call of the beast

Red radium lit hands

against the black dial

The chrono croons the time

Its thirty four past one

Night is young,

peaking to its bloom

time to hit the road

Metal into metal

and the beast grunts

Two beams of white light

piercing the heart of night

The night suddenly wakes up

to the loud shrieks of

rubber crunching gravel

Fire in the belly of the beast

and a large growl

A grey dot zigzagging

along a greyer line

Flashing past the blinking lights

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

सवाल एक अस्तित्व का

नामुमकिन तो नही है
काटना यह पल
तन्हाई समेटे हुए
सारे जहाँ की
भीड़ के घेराव में भी
काटता कचोटता सूनापन
आवाजें भेद नही पाती अब
कानों की गहराइयां
हर मंज़र धुंधला है
यादों की धुंध तले
एक टीस उठती है
रह रह कर
चीखती चिल्लाती हुई
मानो कह रही हो
कब तक रहेगा तू
कब तक सहेगा तू

Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cerebral Palsy

I was used to loneliness

and then things changed

It all started for fun

and then things changed

Calm and sanity were off springs

and then things changed

Jealousy and possession creped in

Now I want things to change

The question now floats in my cranium

Was I happy being sad ??

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Memoirs of my journey

Whenever I used to hear this word blogging, I used to wonder what's the big deal, why so much hype. And then one fine day, out of curiosity, I thought of giving it a shot. What started as a trial, changed to time pass, transformed into hobby and morphed into an obsession.

And today I'm celebrating first anniversary of my whimsical cyber life and everyone's invited (Oh yeah Samsung, go ahead, sue me!)

And to sum up this year, here is the list of my favorite Dhabas along this highway:

…and they say life is beautiful

Re-search @ night

I lie here


Sex amidst ringtones

You are invited


Present lost

Because I love my job

Alone I bleed

I don’t have a title for this

Déjà vu


A robbed soul

Through the eyes of a puppet

Uffff, long list…..You guys are patient to have reached here, have a piece of the cake as your reward :D


Friday, February 8, 2008

ITYT - IT's Young Tabloid

Ah! Not another PC Today!! Don’t worry, this isn’t your regular “techie mag” or that boring newsletter you use to wipe dirt off your shoes! This is a magazine yes, but unconventional, interesting, information-laden, and paperless (sorry you’ll still have to use that newsletter for your dirty shoes).

But before we launch our e-magazine we want you to tell us what is it that YOU want to read?

We want to rekindle your interests, make life exciting, unwind your brain and of course yearn for our magazine, edition after edition.

Here it goes..take this little survey and help us: