Saturday, February 10, 2007

....and they say LIFE is Beautiful

Here comes my first logical entry. I wrote this thing 2 night back, dunno what was running through my mind, never mind, here it goes.....

The blood dripping out of my brain
Its so numb, you feel no pain

Why do you expect something from me
Why it matters what I happen to be
Why can't you let me live free
Or atleast die peacefully

My self gets tossed in numerous flips
Bearing the pain of relationships

They say I need a soul refinement
I'll find my peace in solitary confinement

You can find people fighting for life
but how many have you seen
fighting the life

I am a warrior, drowning in blood
clinging to the immortal shell
the shell called death


~~lily~~ said...

aah.....yea..n thy se.."life's beautiful"