Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Sex amidst ringtones

I had something romantic and sensuous in my mind but somehow ended up with this which seems an "Eastern Economy Edition" of it, well, an alternate way to pronounce cheaper version. Why should I call my own write as cheap *grins*

There she was standing
in the shadows dark
the sculptured body silhouetted
against the backdrop of
lust simmering into steam
warm breaths creating a music
with the raised heartbeats
the eyes met eyes and
mirrored the feelings
wrapped in my arms
those eyes succumbed
and I to her gentle embrace
lips were locked and
escorts removed
two bodies melting into one
soul into soul,skin into skin.....

......and yes,from dusk till dawn
the phones kept ringing


crasiezt said...

WOW!! Finally a post that gave me a nice tingling sensation, and not because of the stupid phone ringing, but because of the description...mindblowingly sensous. Good you weren't explicit, or it would have been reduced to some cheap erotica...

chacha said...

That was so honest, may be "Eastern Economy Edition", but not like "Eastern Concealing Mentality"

And lucky too, sigh.. those ringings

Gonecase said...

There is a thin line between erotic and exotic and I tried not to cross that line.I am glad that you liked it.

Chacha-Eastern Concealing Mentality, never came across it but would love to ;-)
Lucky, huh, me...no :-(

Gypsy said...

oy! this is the same thing as your latest post about nikita!!! lol!

Gonecase said...

Yep :P
Actually I wrote it as poem first but nobody read it. So, I thought why to waste the effort, hehehe !!

Gypsy said...

:) not a bad idea at all... you packed a helluva punch the second time round

Gonecase said...

Thanks :D