Thursday, December 27, 2007


A matchstick stroke

A puff disappearing

Dissolving slowly

in the air

Losing existence

taking something

along with

Long weak threads

Linking life

and beyond

A dot of fire

dazing and fazing

gorging on time

Bitterness inhaled

Life exhaled

Friday, December 21, 2007

Deja Vu

As I walk in the

shadows cast by

the sarcophagi of

my own happiness

It comes back to me

Same hurt same pain

same longing all again

When refrain was the word

I must be fool

Some people never learn

It holds so true

They say the first cut

is the deepest

Then why it hurts so much

this time too

Converse Reloaded

G: How you define something
which you want so badly
But will give your best
to avoid it from happening

C: There is no definition
no words
but love is something
that happens without premonition

G: Why would I want love
when it always hurts me
when its more of a shackle
than a key to be free

C: A key can set you free
or lock you in
love can be fun too
its your choice baby

G: A key can open a lock
but can't crack a wall
How can you mould it
when you can't control it

C: Uncontrolled craziness is cool
why do you want to bind it
go with the flow
and if you can't
it's ok, u aren't a fool

G: Its not about insanity
the problem is the war
and when both sides are your own
doesn't matter who's at par

C: Don't make war
make love baby
You may be on both sides
but its not about winning
Bow down to your heart
joy will hit you like a dart

G: What do you do
when the fight is between
two splits of your heart
Where can I find an answer
because love games are neither
explained by science nor art

C: I can't give an explanation
not everything has an answer
Science or art
can't explain matters of the heart
Don't get into this discussion
it won't help in any way
Let life unfold its mysteries to you
some may be good, some bad
But let me tell you my friend
love will find you in the end

Tuesday, December 18, 2007


A conversation between two friends:

U: Take a walk with the stars tonight

Do a tango with the spirits of the night

Let your heart reach out like a kite

Get drenched in the colors so bright

Fulfill every dream in this dreamy night

This poem for you my heart wished to write

When I thought of wishing you a sweet goodnight

I hope to you it seems alright (Period)

G: What sadness that seethes in me tonight

Even stars can't take it away

With their light so bright

Emotional stupidity is the cause of my plight

Thanks for the lovely words

Wishing you good night (Period)

U: Run away from the blinding light

Watch every sadness melt away

Into the embracing night

Emotions are badges

Wear them with pride

Wish i could make you feel better

Could a hug kill your plight (Period)

G: Running is not a solution my friend

Day is half of your life

If you waste half of it avoiding

The meaning of living is rife

Showing emotion is risky my friend

Cuts like a knife (Period)

U: Emotions like people are of different kind

They can heal and warm

Or smother you in binds

They are your feelings

They are you

Don't shun them aside

Feel them understand them

Only then you'll be fine (Period)

U: Another night another dream

Of flying cars or engines of steam

What do you want to be tonight

A soldier, a sailor or a ballerina

With dress of light (Period)

G: Dreams are what you want to be

What you want to do is

What you dare to see

Neither a soldier, nor a sailor

A wandering soul who’s born free (Period)

U: Oh wandering soul

Where do you go

Looking for what treasures

Running from what foe

Born free you were

Like a lark to fly

Then how did these chains

Come to bind you so (Period)

G: Souls are free from responsibilities of life

A successful son, a well settled daughter

A well earning dad, a loving wife

Roles to be played are reasons of strife (Period)

U: Roles to be played

Duties to fulfill

The vicious circle of life

The reason for all strife

But above them all

There’s a duty too

A duty you have to

No one but you

A duty to be free

A duty to dream

A duty to desire

A duty to be

In the walk of life

Amidst all your strife

Don’t forget yourself

Don’t sacrifice your vision

Live out your whims

Hopes fantasies (Period)

G: No matter how good it sounds

Dreams are bound with duties

It may sound funny

But in the end

It all boils down to money (Period)

Thursday, December 6, 2007

I don't have a title for this

Two demons dwell in me

satisfaction and sanity

blabbering aloud

impiously irreverent

blasphemous profanity

Satisfaction leads to peace

sanity is road to

materialistic vanity

What will it take

to fill this abyss

but one thing I know

I won't leave my fate

in the hands of uncertainty