Saturday, February 9, 2008

Memoirs of my journey

Whenever I used to hear this word blogging, I used to wonder what's the big deal, why so much hype. And then one fine day, out of curiosity, I thought of giving it a shot. What started as a trial, changed to time pass, transformed into hobby and morphed into an obsession.

And today I'm celebrating first anniversary of my whimsical cyber life and everyone's invited (Oh yeah Samsung, go ahead, sue me!)

And to sum up this year, here is the list of my favorite Dhabas along this highway:

…and they say life is beautiful

Re-search @ night

I lie here


Sex amidst ringtones

You are invited


Present lost

Because I love my job

Alone I bleed

I don’t have a title for this

Déjà vu


A robbed soul

Through the eyes of a puppet

Uffff, long list…..You guys are patient to have reached here, have a piece of the cake as your reward :D



geet said...

badhaayiyaan,buddy wishes to your blog.yummy cake *slurrp*

and the theme looks very cool mr Bond ji.

Keep writing !!!

Hope said...

badiya hai.....hmm..cakes too tempting....and theme "Mr 007" badiiyaaaa hai...
Keep blogging!
Cheers :)

crasiezt said...

Hahaha why is everyone calling this theme BOND??
Of course I love the theme..slick (just like the movie) and very very sexy!
Am sure this is just the beginning though..there are many more bdays to come, and many more cakes to be cut and relished on this page:-) Lage raho mere HITMAN

geet said...

oye crazu you told that i feel its a HITMAN theme. i agree ,the movie was sexy!!!

crasiezt said...

Oye Geet jhandu:P Am glad you got the hint baby:D

Reeta Skeeter said...

Oyyyyyeeeeeee Happy Budday to gonecase's blog!

Kulpreet said...

Hi pal!

Happy birthday! The cake looks lovely.

I just loved your random thoughts. Depth in our thoughts only makes this life more enjoyable. And enriching...

Kulpreet Yadav

Keshi said...

I hvnt made it to ur favs list yet...gosh that hurt! LOL!


Gonecase said...

Thanks Geet ji, keep visiting :)

Gonecase said...

Thanks re, keep visiting !

Gonecase said...

Thank you hai Crazy ji, hum cake kaat-te rahenge, aap khate rahiye :P

Gonecase said...

Geet, Crazy:
Ladies ladies, you got it right but not exactly right....HITMAN is the word but it is the game not the movie that inspired this theme :)

Gonecase said...

Thank you ! Tune cake khaya ke nahi ??

Gonecase said...

Thanks for the kind words sir, that's very encouraging of you. Will try to improve :)

Gonecase said...

Hey, that list is that of my own posts I love ...more of an advertisement you see :P

crasiezt said...

Khila khila ke motu kar de mujhe saale:P
And you're telling ME it's based on the game?? ME of all people?? The person who okayed the theme?? I was just referring to the movie Gonecase..

Gonecase said...

Abbe khaya piya kar punjabi puttar...hamare yahan haddiyon ka riwaz nahi hota :P
And yes, I was telling YOU...kyon, tu BOND hai kya, tujhe ni bataya ja sakta :P
I know, you okayed the theme, to ??? kya karun ???? :P

geet said...

well koi ni ...Hitman movie is inspired from the game only .so we are quite right you see. :)

Gonecase said...

I never disagree with females you see ;-)

elusive said...

haaappyy buddday!the cake's yum..all my attention was focussed on it and i dint realise the BOND theme..ufff yeh meri gluttony

Gonecase said...

Thanks :) And if you ignored theme for the cake, then you've got your priorities right, hehe :P

geet said...


crasiezt said...

Haddiyan to gayab ho chuki hain..welcome the fat bozo:-(
Thanks bolne ko ni kaha..but sarcasm ki bhi zaroorat ni thi saale..mast theme hai..khush reh uske saath

By the way it'll be tough for you to disagree with women...coz they are the ONLY kind that seem to be commenting on your blog off late. Teri bagawat ka anjaam tere liye theekh ni hoga:P

Gonecase said...

Ab is baat ko lekar to tu aise hi pagal ho chuki hai....koi moti nahi hui hai lallu ! Aur haan, ab to theme hi bachi hai saath khush rehne ko !
And women, to ye to hona hi tha, saare ladke to tere jaal mein fase hue hain. Naya aagaaz karne wale anjaam ki parwah nahi karte, Wah Wah Wah Wah :P

crasiezt said...

Saale shayar ke bachhe:P

Gonecase said...

Saali creative script writer :P

crasiezt said...

I take that as a compliment..
*smiles like an angel

Gonecase said...

Be my guest :D

crasiezt said...

Am I not already? LOL

Gonecase said...

Nope, Co-host should be the appropriate word :)