Friday, February 15, 2008

Call of the beast

Red radium lit hands

against the black dial

The chrono croons the time

Its thirty four past one

Night is young,

peaking to its bloom

time to hit the road

Metal into metal

and the beast grunts

Two beams of white light

piercing the heart of night

The night suddenly wakes up

to the loud shrieks of

rubber crunching gravel

Fire in the belly of the beast

and a large growl

A grey dot zigzagging

along a greyer line

Flashing past the blinking lights


crasiezt said...

...And that's the story of how Gonecase gets home every night:D
It's actually a very simple thing..something you do as a routine task..but you make it seem so special!!Sahi hai...Lovely:-)

Gonecase said...

Yep, that's the one :D
And thank you very much, I'm happy that you liked it :-)

And sorry for it not being something you expected it to be :|

d SINNER!!! said...

well written....

b/w what theme were u talkin bt???

Reeta Skeeter said...

Lovelyyyy :D
The story of gonecase on bangalore roads :P

umangexuberance said...

that was thrilling!! seems to match the new blogskin you have :D
inni sari nayi posts, naya blog skin.. mere piche se kya kya ho gaya
kal padhungi baki sari aj mafi do :)

geet said...

airport road ya hosur? rest doesnt deserve your baby's touch :)

my updates? abhi kuch nahin hai vent karne ke liye you see !!!

crasiezt said...

O cmon you don't have to be sorry...Just write about what I thought it would be and dedicate the post to me:D

Keshi said...

hmm is it abt driving ard? :)


Gonecase said...

Thanks and thanks for the info too :)

Gonecase said...

Indeed but its not as glamorous as it sounds here :P
Thanks :D

Gonecase said...

Thanks madam ji and yes, kitni saari've been missing for a long time I guess. Chal, welcome back and keep visiting :D

Gonecase said...

Hosur road, sadly :|
And baby's touch, what's that ???
Aur acha hai agar kuch vent karne ko nahi hai :)

Gonecase said...

We'll see :P

Gonecase said...

Sort of :)
But was it that bad ????

Reeta Skeeter said...

mmmm maybe/maybe not... who knows?

Gonecase said...

Would have been if I had a real beast instead of a measly santro I drive. But I'm happy with my car :)

freesherry said...

this was cool.. never read of a car being described like this :D
and sexy template james bond ji ;)

crasiezt said...

Ah! There you go breaking my heart again:-(

Gonecase said...

Thanks, am glad that you liked it and LOL for James Bond ji ;)
Keep visiting :)

Gonecase said...

Awww'll get what you deserve and have asked for, its just a matter of time. Who knows, things might be ready, already and are awaiting a posting only ;-)

geet said...

baby: tumhari car
touch: your car when gets in contact with roads.

i said your baby deserves to be ridden on good roads not the chindi pindi ones.

Gonecase said...

Ohh, got it now, am feeling like a blonde :|
As for the good roads, I'm missing Delhi/Chandigarh.

geet said...

blondeyyyyyyyy lol

Anonymous said...

just loved the template gonny dude...and where exactly did u get that idea of explaining it like that ?? me awed...keep rockin'

Rashi said...

just loved the template gonny dude...and where exactly did u get that idea of explaining it like that ?? me awed...keep rockin'

Gonecase said...

Yeah blondeyyy :| LOL

Gonecase said...

Anonymous aka Rashi:
Thanks a lot. As for the idea,I'm gonecase, hehe, keep visiting :)

geet said...

koi khabar ni? ki gal???

Gonecase said...

Been very busy with naukri lately :|