Wednesday, February 27, 2008

First Day First Show

While going through my old documents, found this stupid-ass poem I wrote on the first day of my college:

First day in the college
frightened was I
How to face seniors
What about teachers' sai
Don't know about technical wish
but will learn after a few tries
Everyone wants to chop my hair
everyone wants to share "Malai" -- Milk fat
How to shield against ragging
need wings to fly
Not to stare at girls
not to say HI
They queried about eatables
have to tell a lie
Saw a number of couples
that go singing by
Below there feet is "Maal Road" -- Road to Girls' hostel
above their heads is pretty sky
There are a lot of idiots
to whom I have to say "Bhai" -- Brother
Although I can write much more
But I have to go to "Nai" --Barber

Here is the unedited version of the poem or whatever you want to call it. Although I wanted to change it to make it look a bit maturer and correct but then the idiot factor would've been lost. This one reminded me of earlier poems by CHEESY CHAMELI (kyon bey, hai na teri takkar ki !! :P)


crasiezt said...

Mere takkar ki nahi...even better hai:P
Your idiotic poem impresses me Gonecase:D

Reeta Skeeter said...

Good one!
Crazy hai thodi

geet said...

'maal road' LOL

i liked this side of yours..cheesy u say? eh!! original!!

Gonecase said...

Thank you crazy ji...hume ye jaam kar atyant khushi ho rahi hai ki hum bhi aapke jitne jhalle ho sakte hain :P

Gonecase said...

Teri bhasha mein heeeeeee
Purani bakwas hai :P

Gonecase said...

Yep, 'maal road' kyunki college ka saara maal wahin par hi hota tha :D
Thank you hai waise par mujhe pata hi ki kitni bakwaas hai ye, hehe

rOhit said...

Niiicee Blog.
Liked it.

You write good! :)

Gonecase said...

Thanks and welcome :)

Kulpreet said...

Gonecase, Hi friend. It takes a lot just to put pen to paper. Not all can do it that easily. Your frankness in the verse is impressive indeed. Frankly, it is the most honest reflection of anyone during the first day of his college. Could relate to a lot of it.

Keep writing. You have originality, and confidence, and honesty, and a true will to take it forward. Things always happen when there is passion. This is my firm belief and I am happy that it is giving me a share of my dreams in return, though in a trickle.


Gonecase said...

Thanks so much Kulpreet, your comment made this post worth posting. Thanks once again :)

geet said...

wah shaane wah...maine bhi english mein original bola tha is post per...uska koi worth ni :P

@kulpreet:hey,nothing against you,am just pulling his leg :).

Gonecase said...

Arre kya baat karti hai, ladki ke bole ka to jyada worth hota hai :P

Its just that Kulpreet is a professional writer, wo BOND hain (With due regards Kulpreet :P). To wahan se aisa comment aaya to mein Happy Singh ho gya :D

freesherry said...

that was damn cute gonecase ji
and I am sure editing it would have taken the whole fun out of it :D

Gonecase said...

I didn't know that you find stupid cute, hehe :D

chacha said...

hey, tu bachpan se hi aisa hai???
I used to not think at all at that time leave writing, don't know that time was good or this.

hey yeh line kya hai
"What about teachers' sai"
didn't get.

Gonecase said...

Abbe kitabon se free hua hota tabhi kuch aur karta ya sochta na, mein tab se nahi, school se hi aisa hun..

Sai is a kind of sword/knife and literal translation bole to teacher ke dande !!

Pulkit Popli said...

kya depth hai poem mein.....fantastic....

Gonecase said...

Oye jise na le !!