Sunday, February 10, 2008

Cerebral Palsy

I was used to loneliness

and then things changed

It all started for fun

and then things changed

Calm and sanity were off springs

and then things changed

Jealousy and possession creped in

Now I want things to change

The question now floats in my cranium

Was I happy being sad ??


Keshi said...

there's a tinge of happiness in sadness...cos being sad is very REAL.


geet said...

tujhe pyaar to ni ho gaya?
**i am in love..i am in love ..i am in love na karte pyaar,main to kar gaya kar gaya,tune kiya jo yaad ,oye main mar gaya mar gaya ....** :P

oh on a serious note.. jealousy n possession are the result of something.they are not the cause..!!

waise on a totally serious note...

Darte darte afsaana-e-dil
Aaj unse hamne keh to diya
Yeh yaad nahin ghabraahat mein
Kya yaad raha, kya bhool gaye

--Nusrat fateh ali khan ji

Gonecase said...

Can't agree more keshi :|

Gonecase said...

Got your hint Geet ! But it was more of a temporary mood swing I guess.....baaki, totally agree with your serious note and wah wah for your totally serious note :D

geet said...

masti mein likha sab :P

Gonecase said...

Masti mein sahi par "satya vachan satya vachan" :P

elusive said...
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elusive said...

happy being sad..most of us or rather i would say all of us have thatt thing somewhere in us..some strange obssession with sadness..not an obsession really, maybe being sad helps you in your catharsis of emotions.
and i blabber..

p.s. tat was me, i used a different account by mistake, so here it comes again..

Reeta Skeeter said...

Oye saddie! :P
Natak band kar
Be happeee :d

Pri said...

a few lines of my own (though they are much relevant to 'success' than 'emotions')

today i look at myself in the mirror,
with rich finery im clad...
but the creases on my forehead tell me,
that perhaps i was much more happier being sad...

cheers! :)

Gonecase said...

Maybe it helps but I wish it wasn't true ! I wish I could be happy all the time, sounding like an idiot but just a wish !

Gonecase said...

Jo hukum skeety ji :)

Gonecase said...

WOW ! Simply WOW !! Thanks for the lovely lines :)

Kanan Saurabh said...

I just paused by your blog while surfing around.
Loved this poem...especially the last line.

Gonecase said...

Thanks Saurabh. Welcome and keep visiting :)

poetic soul said...

i always believed that less words leave a better impact and this is one of the best examples..

Gonecase said...

Thanks, am glad that you liked it. Welcome and keep visiting :)

Priya said...

So much sewn in such a few words...marvellous!

Gonecase said...

Thanks a lot, keep visiting :)