Tuesday, February 27, 2007

I owe all

Kind Attn:
The following post is in accordance with the promise I made in the previous post titled "Just Gibberish" dated Feb. 25, 2007 regarding posting something defying the themes of posts posted so far. HAHAHAHAHA........

Now this I call real Gibberish !! The thing following this is not exactly what I promised but I hope you'll like it and even if you don't, who cares, hehehe.......

I loved you, loved at first sight
have lean cheeks,
thirst on sunken eyes
An unquestionable spirit,
a beard neglected
I owe all, yet you say
I love you not
My better parts are thrown down
that which here
stands up is but aquintain
without your love
this is lifeless block
I owe all, yet you say
I love you not
My bosom burns with fruitless passions
I reflect a dropped acorn,
wounded Knight. My genuine
love blooms every hour
And I to live and die your slave
I owe all, yet you say
I love you not ......

Sunday, February 25, 2007

Just Gibberish !!!

God !! Last few days have been really busy...have started something but have not been able to complete, lack of time. Yesterday I went to LANDMARK, a book shop and saw a book "I love my job" and I was wondering what kind of idiot person can like his/her job, my job SUCKSSSS ....
Now, again I have to reach office by 8 in the morning,can you believe that ! Getting up this early and going to office, I dunno why my manager is doin these kind of things....
Nevermind, have to go, Paapi pet ka sawaal hai (now if you don't understand Hindi, which happens to be my mothertongue, that line meant, have to do to earn my bread)....
And yeah !! A few people said that I should post something romantic over here so Guys ! I am working on it and will definately post something over here soon, till then Tally hoOOOOO (Got to wake up early)

Monday, February 19, 2007

Soul Surfer

I guess I've been thinking a lot these days. This is not something dark in real terms but treads along the greyer lines. Its about liking of living on your own terms, about searching for a better life ....

Why can't I live my way
Why do I have to pay
for things I tend not to do
Facts they force may not hold true

They'll tell you to live strong
They'll tell you to live long
Why do you fear mortality
How do you define morality

Who are they to define wrongs and rights
How will they justify all wars, all fights

Where is the place, there is no sound
Where is that place, no one is around
This is the place I want to see
This is the place I need to be
Why is it wrong to live sinfully !!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

Worthy of Hell

Guess who's back
Back again

Shady's back !!!
Oops,I think I just made a copyright violation....By the way,Shady is GOD, this guy rocks but this blog is not about him, this is my place so better leave him out of this place and do what I do.

So, its not shady who is back here, it is me.....

This thing involves a bit of questioning that evolves in my mind. God ! I miss my mind :-(

I guess there ia a plan for all of us,
who's to plan the plan of the plans.
The poison ivy covering the walls from inside,
who's to decide the last exit.

The sons' of satan are on the prowl,
and I've been fighting the eagles alone,
the body pieces flying apart,
who's to decide I'm dead or alive.

To find the spear of destiny,
I've to die twice,
but who's to decide who is,
even worthy of hell.

Hmmm, rhyming is missing but is that necessary, I don't think so !!!

Tuesday, February 13, 2007


Here I go again, god help me and all the readers , AMEN !!!

Darkness all around,
no sight no sound !
A blanket of mist,
from the nature's list !!

Lichens crawling up the trees !
Sucking up their sap for free !!
Slime slinging off the walls !
That's where slithering creatures,
Begin to crawl !!

Steam gushing out from land !
It smells distinct,
a burning human hand !!

I slipped onto something,
but avoided the clash !
You need to be careful,
in the puddle of flesh !!

Its all wet, wet in red !
'Cuz the rain is dripping,
and its raining DEAD !!

Saturday, February 10, 2007

....and they say LIFE is Beautiful

Here comes my first logical entry. I wrote this thing 2 night back, dunno what was running through my mind, never mind, here it goes.....

The blood dripping out of my brain
Its so numb, you feel no pain

Why do you expect something from me
Why it matters what I happen to be
Why can't you let me live free
Or atleast die peacefully

My self gets tossed in numerous flips
Bearing the pain of relationships

They say I need a soul refinement
I'll find my peace in solitary confinement

You can find people fighting for life
but how many have you seen
fighting the life

I am a warrior, drowning in blood
clinging to the immortal shell
the shell called death

Friday, February 9, 2007


First things first,

I am not an avid blogger, this is just a scribbling place for me so if you don't like anything over here, don't crib, just leave, its as easy as that.

You want to keep me down !

You got to work very hard !!

You dont like my sound !

You need a get well card !!

You think I'm blunt !

You want some human hunt !!

You wish you send me hate message flood !

Then why dont you come over and relish my BLOOD !!

You don't like my attitude !! Again, leave, I won't mind. But if you like what I am doing over here, I'll be glad to know.

All sorts of comments are welcome (try to avoid obsceneties).

So, that's it ......