Friday, March 7, 2008

Man - the new God of Earth

Buildings towering

upon their shadows

Monsters rising

out of the earth's womb

Columns of iron

hugging each other

Mirrors kiss and gaze

the enigma of glass maze

Simple structures

forming complex creatures

Angles and arcs

by joints and sparks

Harmony of cement and steel

or the jungle of concrete

For no dust gathers on the glass

unless where man has broken earth


crasiezt said...

Fantastic. Once more Gonecase says so much in such few words. Hard hitting. Pic is so apt..

Loved these two lines:
"Mirrors kiss and gaze
the enigma of glass maze"

umang said...
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freesherry said...

another one of your gems gonecase
if you keep writing like that, then your case is far from gone :)

Gonecase said...

Thanks very much, have always been lazy, chahe words ki usage hi kyon na ho :P

Gonecase said...

Thanks Sherry but my case is already gone, doesn't matter what I do or write :D

Reeta Skeeter said...

For no dust gathers on the glass
unless where man has broken earth

Awesome hai... Kudos!

crasiezt said...

Tu lazy??? To main kya????LOL

geet said...

nice post..the pic made me think ..felt myself on the top of the building as in the pic.

Gonecase said...

Thanks very much hai ji :)

Gonecase said...

Tu hamari bhagwaan hai :P

Gonecase said...

Thanks, am happy that you liked it. Most of us would feel the same, that's what our so called lifestyle has become !

chacha said...

I can't help but feel the base is still the earth for those concrete jungle, for those complex creatures.

So, what man has done? create it without base, if you can. hahaha

Just my two cents of bakar there, as usual. Nice post though, honestly.

Gonecase said...

Ohho, dhanya bhaag hamare jo aap padhare....hmmm, to aapko point ke hisab se aadmi ko god se demote karke demigod bana diya jaye, kiya ja sakta hai, no big deal,yahan ke hum sikandar, hehe..
Thanks very much, time nikalte raha karo !!

crasiezt said...

Bhagwan mat bana mujhe:P

Gonecase said...

Arre not bhagwan literally but more off an idol, source of inspiration sorts :P

crasiezt said...

How does it happen that I become the source of inspiration for a lot of people??? LOL

Gonecase said...

Ab ye to talent hota hai apna apna :P

chacha said...

Kool, yup, thats the max man can fool himself of. If God exists, only God can be at its place, reason, thats too boring a job man will consider, at least I won't.

And bit of confused there, whose choke you were taking, chokemaster, with that "idol" dialog.

crasiezt said...

Aur mere mein bahut zyaada hai:P

Gonecase said...

If its a 9 to 5 job with sat-sun off, I don't mind doing, hehe
But I believe its 24x7 so forget it :P

Gonecase said...

Ekdum ! Laziness ki duniya ki Shahrukh Khan hai tu :P