Saturday, October 25, 2008

What are YOU going to do ?

One drowns his life in whiskey
One burns his life up in smoke
One skips the meal for hobby
One takes the sleep for a joke

And if one happens to be your known one

You watch as this don't matter
No day beyond this night


You shout
You taunt
You fight

But what if one is not listening ???


crasiezt said...

If someone you know is screwing with his life, especially if it is someone you really care for, you will obviously intervene..but you know, what you say will not make a difference unless the person realizes it on his own..or you impose a restriction such that he/she has no option but to obey..such is life man..such is life..what you really love doing apparently is harmful..sigh!

Beauty and the BEast said...

He passed a man half his age
Who blew rings of smoke as his way he made;
He was panting hard on the winter morn,
His heavy feet heading towards his unmarked grave

Not being able to hold himself he said,
"Why hasten your death dear son?"
"I die a death every day," he said,
"This way I get to choose my own poison."

Akshay said...

I have no answers.... but I liked the post!! Long time!!

chacha said...

abbey yeh kab likha? And am I guessing rite ki kyun likha ya kisi ke liye likha? :)

Shoe Girl said...

They hear but dont listen
They watch but dont see..
They act but dont step forward
They're touched but dont feel
They sniff but dont taste the salt
They just be...and let you be

Jay El Bird said...


Mys Lyke Meeh said...


umangexuberance said...

well, we will sit him up, talk to him and try to wake him from his haze
and if that doesn't work we give him one hard slap!!
so dude how are u?
I am back to blogging
c u a my new blog

Princess Mia said...

i agree wit wat crazy said...

btw kya haal chaal eh?

geet said...

totally agree with crazy's views.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

become wise
try again
change approach!
try till your desire to bring change sustains

its a fight

between the strength and ur will and of the rest!

dat is all

anyone can bring it

U need to have the energy to do so!

Reeta Skeeter said...

think of ways to make urself heard :P

Nothingman said...

hit them on the head and then scream in their ears. both ears, one after the other. works.


Priya said...

fuck the fuckers :D

chacha said...
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Purva said...

you just watch them like a helpless sound very familiar to me.

Anyway Happy Living!

crasiezt said...
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Anonymous said...

He He... I like the whiskey part. You get drunk, enjoy it, and are pardoned for it too. Cheers!

Satanic Angel said...

daaru jua sutta toh sab thik hai..lekin yeh kambakht pyar ka addiction sabse kharab hota hai..hehehe..sorry for the cheesy line cudnt help it :D

Rashi said...

u go has no solution...